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TitleSupport to the Mozambican TVET Sector (TVET II)
PositionInternational & National Experts, to be specified
Origin of fundingKfW
Duration2023 – 2027


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The TVET sector in Mozambique faces a range of challenges. There seems to limited management skills at both school and institutional level and a slow implementation of key reform elements such as more autonomy for training providers and application of competency-based curricula. Moreover, many TVET teachers have limited practical skills, which hinders the provision of quality TVET both in TVET institutes and Centro de Formação Profissiona (CFP). Additionally, funding of TVET from the government budgets remains a challenge, both on the demand- and the supply-side especially endangering the sustainability of any TVET-supporting project. Further, private sector co-operation has not been sufficiently encouraged and built upon, despite its potential for more needs-based curricula and for sustainability of the TVET system.

The Project is the second phase of the project “Support to the Mozambican Technical and Vocational Education and Training Sector (TVET)” and concerns further rehabilitation, extension and equipment of the Instituto Industrial e Comercial da Beira (IICB). The purpose of the Project is to expand IICB’s training capacities and to improve the quality of the training offered there as well as at other vocational schools with the ultimate objective of improving the workforce that is qualified for the Mozambican labour market.

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