Myanmar: Open Innovation Platform to meet economic challenges raised by the Corona Virus

In view of the corona virus and its health, social and economic implications, the whole world is facing challenges that call for new, innovative solutions to meet these.

This led, for example, to the creation of various hackathons dedicated to the development of solutions to help stop the spread of the corona virus while boosting the economy at the same time.

PEM CONSULT is implementing components of the GIZ project „Capacity Strengthening for Private Sector Development (PSD)- Phase III“ in Myanmar since 01/2019. The objective of the PSD III project is to link MSMEs with leading companies and to promote innovation & new business models through start-up events, tech hubs etc. The project includes innovation and digitalisation measures and is at present dealing with innovative support measures for SMEs during COVID-19.

As one example, the project supported Phandeeyar („creation place“), a Myanmar innovation lab and tech hub. Phandeeyar leverages its expertise into mobilising the tech community by creating the Open Innovation Platform – Doh Phandee.

This platform was launched in mid-May and shall provide concrete and scalable solutions to the issues raised by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is achievedby identifying technical talents - so-called "ZeeKwets" - who contribute their experience to solve the problems of SMEs on the one hand and to help scale the solutions developed so that they can be widely applied in Myanmar on the other.

Phandeeyar together with Impact Hub Yangon cooperated with GIZ, Friedrich Naumann Foundation and other donors from idea to implementation through identifying the thematic areas for the Challenge Statements.


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