Upcycling at Inle Rose; Nyaung Shwe / Myanmar

Nyaung Shwe is the main gateway to the tourism destination Inle Lake in Shan State and an important hub of hotels for travellers visiting Inle Lake. In 2018, the municipal government reorganised and formalized the waste management of the town and granted the license for municipal waste management for 30 years to the private SME Inle Rose Company Limited based in Nyaung Shwe.

In order to operate the waste management of Nyaung Shwe the income generated by waste management fees are not sufficient to be financially sustainable. Therefore, the company is required to generate additional income from waste management, mainly from recycling of the main tradeable wastes such as metal and tradeable plastic. No value added processing of waste has taken place before, and only 20% have been recycled.

Within the GIZ project „Capacity Strengthening for Private Sector Development (PSD)- Phase III“, of which PEM implements several components, Inle Rose cooperates with GIZ, RecyGlo and Evergreen Social Ventures in Vietnam since December 2019 in order to increase the volume of plastic to be recycled.

The latter developed simple but efficient technologies to process various value-added products from non-tradeable plastic waste, e.g. by using heat presses. The project transfers an innovative technology from Vietnam to Nyaung Shwe to turn plastic waste into products such as boards and sheets which can be sold e.g. to local construction and furniture industry which so far uses local wood and imported non-wooden boards.

Inle Rose has been equipped with all necessary tools and training to successfully operate this project and generate additional revenue streams. Although, COVID19 has imposed significant challenges and slowed down the implementation, Inle Rose has successfully proven to be able to produce quality boards and create marketable products.

The company expects higher competitiveness through increased production and sales, new products and the development of new markets for the manufactured building materials and products. The business model is also open to other companies for application in Myanmar.