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Modernisation of Medical Training and Further Education in Termez

PositionInternational and national long-/short-term experts, to be specified
Origin of fundingKfW Development Bank, Frankfurt, Germany

The overall objective of the Project is to improve quality of medical training through the introduction of practice-oriented teaching methods with a particular focus on the Surxondaryo Region.
In order to achieve this objectives, the Project will finance the establishment of a Training Simulation Centre in the city of Termez (TSTC), which shall strengthen and improve the quality of medical training through intensive use of modern learning methods e.g. simulation based learning, self-learning, interactive lectures and online teaching and learning, and an intensive form of practical medical training focusing on real life situations in priority clinical areas (e.g., emergencies in primary care settings, obstetric care, including out-of-hospital deliveries, morbidity of the circulatory system (strokes, heart diseases, etc.), paediatric care, including neonatology, morbidity associated with injuries).

The overall Project consists of two modules: 1) Financial Cooperation (KfW) to cover investment costs for the infrastructure and equipment of the new facility as well as for accompanying measures to operationalise the training and simulation centre, and 2) Technical Cooperation (GIZ) to provide technical assistance support for the revision and development of modern training curricula for mid-level health professionals with a strong focus on practical (simulation) trainings.



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