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PEM CONSULT continually offers long and short-term employment opportunities in ongoing or forthcoming projects world-wide. The current job opportunities are listed below. 

You may wish to submit your CV for our expert database. We will contact you when your CV matches with concrete assignments.


Nordafrika, lokale und regionale Wirtschaftsförderung


Teamleiter/-in im Bereich lokale und regionale Wirtschaftsförderung für laufende / kommende Angebote in Nordafrika (frankophones Afrika) für die Analyse von Wirtschaftssektoren und Wertschöpfungsketten...



Central Asia, Professional Education for Economic Growth Sectors


The Central Asian countries are confronted with high unemployment, especially among young people. In 2020, the official unemployment rate was 14.3% in the under-30 age group...

Lebanon, Improving the Quality and Attractiveness of TVET


The project aims to strengthen the capacities of the personnel of vocational training institutions and companies for labor-market-oriented training and further training in the sectors supported...

Germany/Worldwide, Procurement of Works and Supplies


(Senior) Experts in public procurement of works and supplies in the vocational education sector, incl. technical equipment planning, elaboration of procurement plans and cost estimates...

Egypt, Promotion of Technical and Vocational Education and Training - Phase II


The project aims to provide adequate and practical training for state vocational training school teachers and private sector training staff in accordance with the new quality standards of the Egyptian education reform...


Georgia, Support to Waste Management and Development of Circular Economy


The project aims to promote waste prevention and minimization concepts (sorting/recycling/reuse of wastes) to improve waste management practices and to support the introduction of the concept of “Green”/Circular Economy...

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