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TitleSupport for short-term, labour market oriented Vocational Education in Uzbekistan
PositionInternational & National Experts, to be specified
Origin of fundingKfW
Duration2024 – 2028


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The overall Objective of the Project is to improve the capacities and labour market relevance of practice-oriented professional education in rural areas of Uzbekistan by providing labour market-oriented training methods to unemployed in the target regions and thereby increasing their employability.

The specific Objective of the Project is the creation and/or enhancement of adequate capacities (incl. infrastructure, equipment and trainings) and the labour market relevance of vocational training at seven preselected training centres (TC) in rural Uzbekistan.

In order to achieve its objective(s), the Project will finance the following outputs: (i) refurbishment of up to seven preselected training centres, (ii) the provision of relevant equipment and (iii) the introduction of practice-oriented / dual trainings for a number of professional profiles per training centre.

The FC project contains two components:

  • Component 1 will focus on the refurbishment and renovation of the seven training centres and where required construction of a few additional buildings (e.g. greenhouses or workshops), and the provision of training equipment according to specified job profiles.
  • Component 2 shall enhance capacities of the management, teachers and masters of the training centres, where required enhance the labour market orientation of short-term / non-formal TVET curricula and support the TC managements in liaising with private companies as potential cooperation partners for cooperative education/training modules as well as future employers for the graduates.