Morocco: Resuming German language courses for skilled workers in Morocco

After a Covid19 related halt of German language courses for apprentices and skilled workers within the framework of the regional programme “Regular labour migration and mobility between North Africa and Europe”, courses resumed on Monday, 19.09.2022 with a new cohort of learners.


The language courses for three groups of skilled workers from the sectors of sanitary and air conditioning technology as well as mechanical engineering, will be taking place in Casablanca.

Over a period of 7 months, learners will participate in intensive German language courses and study up to level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages, including passing the A2 and B1 language examinations.


Students will further benefit from intercultural competence training and social pedagogical coaching, preparing them for life in Germany.

Prior to the discontinuation of courses, PEM CONSULT and EuBiA guided a first cohort of students to the B1 graduation.