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TitleVarious projects worldwide in the vocational education sector (procurement of works and supplies)
StatusUpcoming (appraisal phase, forecast)
Position(Senior) Procurement Experts - Works and Supplies, short- and long-term 
Origin of fundingVarious contracting authorities, n/a, Germany


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We are looking for (senior) experts with substantial international experience in the field of public procurement of works and supplies for upcoming projects with significant procurement and planning components in the vocational education sector. Depending on the type of project and the specific requirements of the financing institutions, tasks may include but are not limited to:

  • Technical equipment planning and specification for workshops, laboratories, class rooms as well as administrative facilities including ancilliary services (e.g. installation, commissioning and training) in the vocational education sector
  • Elaboration of procurement plans and schedules, cost estimates etc.
  • Draft forecast and procurement notices as per requirements of the financing institutions
  • Compilation of the technical sections/the full tender dossier as per requirements of the financing institutions
  • Adapt/modify draft contracts according the specific requirements of the project
  • Assist in the evaluation of bids, draft evaluation reports as per requirements of the financing institutions
  • Contract management
  • Supervision of supplies, installation, commissioning and initial training and endorse (provisional) acceptance certificates


  • University degree (engineering, architecture and/or economics) or equivalent qualification
  • Excellent written and oral English, preferably additional languages
  • Full PC literacy
  • Several years of international public procurement management/implementation experience in the field of procurement
  • Vocational education related technical competence in one or more of the following sectors:

- Metal trades (e.g. general metal working, machining, CNC, welding etc.)
- Electrical/electronic trades
- Automation/mechatronics (e.g. conventional and programmable controls, pneumatics/hydraulics)
- Woodworking
- Construction (e.g. brick/concrete, draftsmen)
- Hospitality trades (e.g. hotel/restaurant/tourism)
- Agriculture (e.g. crop/live stock production/veterinary/forestry)
- Administrative trades (accounting/office management/secretarial profiles).
- Information and communication technology related professions
- Others (please specify)

  • Experience in procurement procedures and project management with one or more of the following international financing organisations and donor agencies: European Commission (EC); KfW Development Bank (KfW); Asian Development Bank (ADB); World Bank Group (WB); Others (please specify).

Egypt, Promotion of Technical and Vocational Education and Training - Phase II


The project aims to provide adequate and practical training for state vocational training school teachers and private sector training staff in accordance with the new quality standards of the Egyptian education reform...