Project Launch in Lomé, Togo

Promotion of a Centre of Excellence for Technical and Vocational Training at the Adétikopé Industrial Park (CEFTP-PIA)

On August 1st, 2023, the Ministry for Technical Education and Handicrafts (META) extended invitations to esteemed guests, including the Presidential Advisor on education, representatives from the German Embassy, KfW Country office, GIZ Togo, the administration of the Adétikopé Industrial Park (PIA) as well as the Project Implementation Unit. The purpose of this gathering was to officially launch the CEFTP-PIA project.

The project was awarded to PEM CONSULT in June 2023, is financed by the German Government through KfW, and involves the construction of the Centre of Excellence for Technical Training and associated measures.

After the opening remarks from the Project Implementation Unit, KfW Country Director, German Embassy, the international consultant PEM CONSULT succinctly introduced the project and its architectural design. The architectural design, which prioritizes student-centeredness, sustainability and energy efficiency, was developed by the Atelier d’Architecture Galand (Belgium) and won the 1st prize of the preceding architectural competition.

Mr. HODIN Eké Kokou, Minister for Technical Education and Handicrafts, emphasized the significance of advancing Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Togo, and concluded the event with a group photo.

The Ministry overseeing Technical Education and Handicrafts (META) collaborates with the German Financial Cooperation on this project valued at 12 million EUR. This endeavor aims to establish a Center of Excellence for Technical Training within the Adétikopé Industrial Park (PIA), situated in proximity to the capital city, Lomé.

The CEFTP-PIA project's objective is to create a Center of Excellence that caters to the educational needs of the local area, the evolving industrial park, as well as a wider catchment region. The center will focus on trade sectors such as agricultural food processing, textile and garment production, industrial maintenance, and logistics.