Jordan –  ‘From Risk to Rise to Thrive’. Successful conclusion of the T4E project in Jordan

The project “Promotion of sustainable employment for Jordanians and Syrian refugees at trade-oriented companies and business resilience measures” was part of GIZ’s Trade for Employment (T4E) project with the overall goal to improve the conditions for Jordanian companies to enhance their trade performance in terms of employment. The intervention was implemented by PEM Consult in cooperation with its Jordanian partner Dajani Consulting from November 2022 to April 2024.

PEM Consult contributed to the intervention’s success by:

  • Training almost 1,200 people on Core Employability Skills (CES), covering topics such as communication skills, teamwork, problem solving, occupational safety and health etc.
  • Matching and placing almost 1,100 Jobseekers in jobs, of which about 850 retained their jobs for more than three months, of which over 400 were women and over 320 Syrian refugees in the Governorates of Amman, Irbid, Mafraq and Zarqa
  • Providing post-placement support to former jobseekers and disbursing support allowances, such as for daily travel to the work station or for social security contributions
  • Developing a Diagnostic Study on Business Resilience in Jordan and piloting support measures to increase resilience in 9 companies, including trainings on business and risk assessments, crisis management, organizational resilience, the provision of tools aiming to enhance business resilience etc.

Participating companies in the business resilience component of the project, running under the slogan ‘From Risk to Rise to Thrive’, reported having gained a new understanding of vulnerabilities not previously considered and having transformed their risk management approach, setting their companies on a path of sustainable growth and innovation.

The results of the project were presented on a closing event on 25/04/2024 in Amman, including testimonials from beneficiaries and a panel discussion on business resilience. A brief video of the panel discussion can be found below.

The impact of the jobmatching and placement measures on the lives of its participants has been captured in a video, reporting about individual success stories of beneficiaries. The video can be found below.