Trade for Employment (T4E), a new phase of the GIZ funded project in Jordan

PEM Consult with its Jordanian partner Dajani Consulting are entrusted with the implementation of the T4E project and are kicking off the project in Amman during November 2022 with a team of international and national economists and employment specialists.

Job creation, decent employment and improved business resilience are key priorities of the Jordan Government. Over the years, the economy and its capacity for job creation has been affected by an instable overall economic and political situation. The already challenging situation has been severely exacerbated by the refugee influx from Syria and the implications of the pandemic COVID-19.

In addition to the country’s economic stress, the ongoing war in Ukraine has an alarming reflection on Jordan’s food security, energy prices and regional supply chains.

A post-COVID-19 diagnostics and business resilience study will be conducted, with a particular focus on human resource development, skilling, upskilling and capacity building measures. 

This will inform development of business resilience strategies which are designed and piloted in selected companies and key partners. A capacity building program will be delivered to trade-oriented companies whose businesses have suffered most from the recent market disruptions.

On the other side, a labour market analysis will address information gaps in target governorates and assess the employment potential for both Jordanians and Syrian refugees. Subsequently, skills development programs are designed and delivered with matchmaking of job offers and demand in trade-oriented firms.

All services contribute to the overall module objective “the conditions for Jordanian companies to enhance their trade performance in terms of employment have improved” and will complement the macro-level measures related to public-private dialogue and policy framework, trade promotion services, export procedures and processes.