Showcasing success stories of the PME project in the Gambia

The project “Support to PME Advisory Centres in The Gambia regarding Employment Promotion, Career Guidance and Capacity Development” was part of GIZ’s global project Programm Migration für Entwicklung (PME), with the overall objective to improve the prospects of economic and social participation for returnees and the local population in selected countries.

From December 2021 to March 2023, PEM Consult supported GIZ’s Advisory Centre for Jobs, Training and Reintegration in The Gambia regarding employment promotion, career guidance and capacity development measures.

PEM Consult contributed to the Advisory Centre’s success by:

  • Developing and implementing three employability pilot measures to support over 150 beneficiaries’ transition to the labour market by equipping them with relevant skills and information on wage- and self-employment
  • Strengthening the national partner MOTIE’s (Ministry for Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment) capacity to implement the national employment policy
  • Training over 50 MSMEs on formalizing their informal businesses and supporting over 20 entrepreneurs with in-kind support to kick-start their businesses
  • Organizing two Job Fairs, providing almost 2.000 visitors with labour market information and job and internship opportunities
  • Providing more than 50 teachers and social workers with in-depth knowledge on career guidance and counselling, who in turn applied their newly acquired skills to over 400 beneficiaries

The impact of these measures on the lives of its participants has been compiled in a dedicated booklet, reporting about individual success stories of beneficiaries.