TitleSupport of Decentralisation and Municipal Development in Benin (PDDC) Phase IV
Type of projectGood Governance - Capacity Strengthening of Local Authorities - 
Improvement of Municipal Services
ClientMinistère de la Décentralisation, de la Gouvernance Locale,
de l'Administration et de l'Aménagement du Territoire
Origin of fundingDeutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Eschborn, Germany
Duration11/2014 - 06/2017

The basic supply of the population with public services is one of the essential elements of the national development strategy of Benin, which aims to improve the living conditions of the population sustainably. However, local authorities do not yet have the necessary self-governmental capacities and resources to ensure the population has access to quantitatively and qualitatively adequate services to meet basic needs.

The aim of the project is: "The advised local authorities use their improved capacities for self-government for provision of basic services to the citizens in accordance with the principles of good governance."

The project focuses its interventions at the local level in 25 municipalities in 9 of the 12 départements of Benin. The project operates in five areas and advises:

A) the Decentralisation Ministry and the prefectures in selected partial reform processes and in the administrative supervision of the municipalities; and

B) 25 municipalities and the local tax administration in the improvement of local tax revenue and municipal financial management as well as the Ministry of Finance in deepening local financial and fiscal reforms.

In the field of action C) 25 municipalities are supported in general management and planning processes and in the provision of public services to meet basic needs.

In the field of action D), the focus is on optimizing the cooperation process between 4 pilot communities and services providers of public services in the sectors of basic education and water supply in close collaboration with sector programs of German TA in Benin.

In the field of action E) the political participation of citizens is promoted in local development, both on the part of local authorities, and on the part of local civil society organizations.

The project is implemented in cooperation with AMBERO Consulting as lead firm.