Environment and green infrastructure

Economic development requires a balanced approach with regard to economic well-being, environmental sustainability and social inclusion. This is what UNEP defines as the Green Economy paradigm, encompassing sustainable production and consumption.

Companies need technology, expertise and finance to reduce their environmental and climate footprint and use energy, water and materials efficiently. Business services and credit providers and lobbyists play an important role to create awareness and provide support and access to finance to their business clientele, but often need support themselves to fulfil their role as promoters of sustainable production.

However, there is still an “end of the pipe”, and in many developing and transitioning countries, poorly managed solid waste streams lead to uncontrolled dumpsites that pose hygienic risks to residents and waste workers. In addition, large fractions of valuable resources leave the circle of use forever. PEM CONSULT supports municipalities, utility companies and ministries with the design and introduction of modern solid waste management systems with sanitary waste disposal and resource recovery.

Energy consumption has a considerable effect on climate change. Therefore, increasing energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy belong to the core strategies of climate change mitigation. PEM CONSULT supports companies and intermediary institutions to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy in industries. Municipalities and ministries are supported in developing and implementing climate action plans.

Indonesia, Environmental Advisory Services for Industries


Introduction of environmental management practices, primarily in selected industries of the textile and leather sector.

Turkey, Turkish - German Environmental Programme


Improvement of the enforcement structures and cooperation mechanisms of environmental authorities at national, provincial and communal levels towards sustainable environmental management.

Turkey, Establishment of an Environmental Counselling Centre for SMEs


Establishment of an environmental counselling centre in the industrial zone of Bursa, providing environmental information, advice and qualification services to SMEs.