TitleIntegrated Solid Waste Management Kutaisi - Accompanying Measures
Type of projectEnvironment
ClientSolid Waste Management Company of Georgia
Origin of fundingKfW Development Bank Frankfurt, Germany
Duration04/2015 - 04/2021

The main objective of the ISWM project is the environmentally and hygienically sound disposal of domestic solid waste in the Kutaisi/Imreti region. For that purpose two complementary projects are implemented: The Investment Component shall install the investments and the Accompanying Measures Component shall strengthen the capacities of the Solid Waste Management Company of Georgia (SWMCG) and the municipalities of the Kutaisi/Imreti region to fulfil their roles in the modernized solid waste management system.

The Investment Component encompasses the following investments:

  • Construction of a new sanitary landfill
  • Closure of the existing dumpsite
  • Sorting facility for mixed solid waste
  • Four Transfer Stations

The SWMCG will be the owner and operator of these facilities and of facilities in other regions.

Our task is to enhance the capacities of SWMCG to manage the implementation of the investment projects and to operate the facilities within a modernized system. Our services encompass:

  • Support of Capacity Building and Organizational Development (OD)
  • Support of the Financial Management
  • Technical Management and Operations Training
  • Support of SWMCG’s PR Activities
  • Support of Awareness Raising and Information Management for relevant topics
  • Carry out a National Waste Inventory    

We support the municipalities in the project region by consulting and training in specific fields (awareness enhancement and participation in three awareness campaigns, increasing the waste revenues, linking rural areas to waste services).