Promotion of a Centre of Excellence for Technical and Vocational Training at PIA (CEFTP-PIA)

Type of project

Planning, Design & Construction Supervision Vocational Education & Training (VET)

ClientMinistere de l’Enseignement Technique (MET), Lomé
Origin of fundingKfW Development Bank, Frankfurt, Germany
Duration08/2023 - 06/2027

The project is part of the Integrated Promotion of Vocational Training and Employment Programme (PIFPE).

A support through the German Financial Cooperation has been agreed with the Ministry in charge of Technical Education and (MET) aiming at the creation of a Centre of Excellence for Technical Training on the Adétikopé Industrial Platform (PIA), located in the peri-urbanisation zone of the capital Lomé and which is a strong element of the industry modernisation programme. The companies of the PIA are in permanent search of qualified manpower.The CEFTP-PIA project aims to cover all the needs for the creation of a Centre of Excellence at the service of both a developing industrial park and, more broadly, the trades present, in particular, agri-food, textiles, industrial maintenance and logistics. The project is organised as follows:

1. Technical assistance and project management

2. Architectural design of the CEFTP-PIA (architectural competition)

3. Construction of the CEFTP-PIA

4. Definition and acquisition of equipment

5. Development and implementation of accompanying measures

The architectural competition has been won by Atelier d'Architecture Galand (AAG), Belgium (1st prize), sub-consultant of PEM CONSULT. The construction system of the CEFTP building is entirely designed to meet the ambitions of sustainable construction. It is simple and modular, based on a bioclimatic design, using local materials and favouring circularity. It also allows for High Labour Intensity (HLI) to ensure social acceptance. Finally, it is easy to maintain and low-tech, thus saving resources and reducing operating costs.