TitleSolid waste management and circular economy
Type of projectEnvironment
ClientMinistry of Water Resources and Environment (MREE) & GIZ
Origin of fundingDeutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Eschborn, Germany
Duration05/2017 - 10/2019

The Algerian Government attaches great importance to the issue of waste management as it is a source of considerable public dissatisfaction. Municipalities often lack the efficient structures and procedures required to ensure that waste is collected and transported, streets are cleaned and citizens are aware of waste management issues. Regional and national administrative bodies and operators lack the human, institutional and administrative capacities and skills necessary to implement an integrated waste management system that creates jobs.

Objective is to improve human, institutional and administrative capacities in the local, regional and national administrations, and among the operators. This supports an integrated waste management system that is creating jobs. The overall programme provides support in the following areas:

  • Improvements in the municipal collection and transportation of domestic waste, and awareness raising on waste management
  • Efficient disposal and sorting at waste management facilities
  • Increased recycling of waste
  • Improved training and exchange of experiences in the waste sector

PEM CONSULT will provide advice and training for operators and responsible administrations in four selected partner cities (Sétif, Eulma, Tlemcen, Bouni) and the corresponding Wilayas on essential issues such as:

  • Operational models and procedures for waste collection and transport, street-cleaning
  • Tools for performance monitoring
  • Accounting and cost coverage calculations
  • Operation and management of solid waste management facilities (municipal landfills)
  • Separate collection of waste (including awareness raising for separation) and promotion of recycling


Services provided are:

Provision of a program-accompanying pool of international, regional and national short-term experts:

  • Design of training contents in the field of landfill operation and monitoring, and waste collection (i.e. route planning)
  • Technical and management consultancy for the improvement of landfill operation and monitoring
  • Consulting on local institutional development and adapted operating models for municipal waste management services
  • Consultancy on revenue / expenditure calculations and improvement of cost recovery
  • Advice on the assessment of procurement (economic / technical assessment and recommendations on contract design with the private sector)
  • Consultation with regard to introduction of separate waste collection and recycling in cooperation with the private sector
  • Consulting on the establishment of systems and institutions for extended producer responsibility
  • Establishment of contacts with the German / European recycling industry
  • Introduction of international approaches and experiences on performance monitoring for waste management services
  • Consultancy / training on awareness-raising approaches