TitleTechnical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Program - Phase II
Type of projectConstruction, Extension & Rehabilitation of TVET Schools
ClientTVET Agency (TVETA)
Origin of fundingKfW Development Bank, Frankfurt, Germany
Duration08/2017 - 07/2022

Within the framework of the German Financial Cooperation (FC) with Afghanistan, the German Federal Government, through KfW Development Bank, continues to support the efforts of the Government of Afghanistan to establish TVET schools which are relevant to the labour market and which are adequately used through students and teachers by extending the financial contribution (with a grant of EUR 18m).

The new Phase II builds on the ongoing Phase I of the TVET Program Northern Afghanistan. Phase I started in 2011 and is expected to be completed in March 2018. Phase II concerns the construction of new or modernization of existing TVET schools, the identification of appropriate equipment and its procurement for and delivery to schools and the training on operation and maintenance of the infrastructure built and the equipment delivered.

Phase II of the TVET Program pursues along with the GIZ implemented program "Promotion of TVET", the following development objectives:

  • Improvement of quality and quantity of TVET in Northern Afghanistan"
  • The project goal for the financial cooperation is:
  • Provide TVET education based on Afghan labour market constraints through utilization of extended and built capacities at program schools

The following Program activities shall be financed from the Financial Contribution:

  • Design, construction and extension of TVET institutions (Component 1);
  • Definition, specification and procurement of teaching and training equipment for the Program institutions (Component 2); and
  • Initial training and start-up support for operation and maintenance (O&M) of equipment, building and infrastructure as well as coaching of teachers and other school staff on the job (Component 3)

The program is planned for a duration of 5 years composed of 4 years of implementation followed by 1 year of consolidation and Follow-Up Phase.

A proposed list of 6 schools and institutes is available but will be verified in terms of the critical security situation and the needs. Targets of investment per school are to be developed based on School Counselling Bodies (SCBs) of which the setting-up is also part of the Consultant's tasks. One of the locations, the Campus Takhta Pul in MeS is subject to "Urgent Measures", which means immediate planning and implementation of common buildings, like Kindergarten and Multipurpose Hall.