TitleIGIAT - Indian-German Institute for Advanced Technologies
Type of projectVocational Qualification and Training
ClientMinistry of Small and Medium Sized Industries, Delhi
Origin of fundingDeutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Eschborn, Germany
Duration02/2006 - 03/2010

PEM CONSULT contributed to the organisational and institutional development of the Indian-German Institute for Advanced Technologies (IGIAT).

IGIAT services cover the provision of up-to-date training and further training courses for technology intensive local and national enterprises, international investors, job-seekers, as well as disadvantaged groups of society including women and persons from backward sections like the scheduled tribes and castes.

The modern technology centre is acting independent of state agencies in matters of management, staff and curricula. It offers courses with a practical basis and establishes its viability by generating its own funds. With a business-like ownership and management structure, 

IGIAT is set to stay abreast with changing technology and corporate demand and to attain full financial sustenance.

The core areas of offered trainings are:

  • Design & Manufacturing: CNC, CAD/CAM and Maintenance;
  • Control & Automation: PLC, Drives, SCADA, Embedded systems and Electro-Pneumatics;
  • Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering: GIS, GPS, Total station and Eco-Industries;
  • Computer & Networking Technologies: CCNA, MCSE, Dot-Net, JAVA and Testing Tools;
  • Soft Skills and Equity Measures: Apparel, Surveying, Leadership, Motivation, Language skills etc.