TitleIndonesian German Institute (IGI)
Type of projectProcurement
ClientMinistry of National Education (MoNE)
Origin of fundingKfW Development Bank, Frankfurt, Germany
Duration06/2002 - 01/2008

The project provided Technical Assistance and consultancy in the fields of business planning, institution management, organisation development, marketing of training and consulting services, etc. for 19 Vocational Education and Training (VET) Centres in Java. 

In combination with a Financial Assistance component, the beneficiary institutions were equipped with teaching and training materials according to demand-oriented and feasible business plans. The Indonesian German Institute (IGI) initially comprised five core institutions, which in turn supported an undefined number of so called 'sisters' in their neighbourhood.

The institutions and fields of support subject of this programme were:

  • Polman, Bandung (metal and mechanical trades);
  • PIKA, Semarang (woodworking and interior design);
  • ATMI, Solo (metal and mechanical trades);
  • VEDC, Malang (automation technology, hydraulics, etc.);
  • VEDC, Cianjur (agriculture, food and agro-industries).

The type of services provided were:

  • Evaluation and revision of development plans of each school;
  • Establishment of equipment long-lists, technical clarifications with the beneficiary schools;
  • Elaboration of detailed specifications and lists of quantities;
  • Elaboration of tender documents;
  • Contract monitoring, acceptance and payments authorization.