TitleSustainable Economic Development through Technical and Vocational Education
and Training - Accompanying Measures Programme (SED-TVET-AM)
Type of projectEducation and Labour Market
ClientMinistry of Education and Culture (MoEC) / the Ministry of Industry (MoI) /
the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration (MoMT)
Origin of fundingKfW Development Bank, Frankfurt, Germany
Duration06/2016 - 03/2017

The programme has been set up in order to prepare, manage and implement Advanced User Training in cooperation with the TVET institutions for the optimum utilization and maintenance of the equipment and to make the best use of it during training and production activities.

The purpose of the Programme is to enable all 370 training participants to utilize the equipment provided under the SED-TVET programme for their daily classes, and at the same time enabling them to operate and maintain the equipment to receive the optimum performance from the provided equipment.

The following Programme activities are foreseen for implementation:

Training support to the 23 pre-selected TVET institutions such as:

  • Comprehensive end-user trainings for a total of 370 participants
  • Optimum utilization and maintenance of the equipment
  • Utilization of the equipment in line with the “Teaching Factory” concept
  • Furnishing training programs and modules for each training subject required
  • Furnishing an Action Plan tailor-made to each of the 23 institutions
  • Conducting IN-Mode trainings in each of the 23 selected institutions
  • Conducting ON-Mode trainings under inclusion of third party training institutions
  • Conduction ION-Mode trainings for the implementation of necessary actions as a conclusion of the training
  • Monitoring of the trainings and evaluation of training success
  • Provision of training materials
  • Provision of extensive Project Management services in order to execute the trainings