Lao People's Democratic Republic

TitleVocational Education and Training in Laos - Financial Cooperation (VELA-FC)
Type of projectRehabilitation, Expansion and Equipment of the TVET schools
ClientLaotian Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES)
Origin of fundingKfW Development Bank, Frankfurt, Germany

The Programme VELA-FC will comprise the rehabilitation, expansion and equipment of the TVET schools in Bolikhamsay and Bokeo as well as the Vocational Education Development Institute (VEDI) in Vientiane. The latter shall become the major provider of vocational teacher education in Lao PDR.

The total Financial Contribution for the Programme provided by the German government through KfW amounts to 6 million Euros, whereas the contribution of the Lao government will amount to 1,2 million euros.

The Programme objective is defined as follows:

The supply of training at the TVET schools in Bokeo, Bolikhamsay and VEDI is improved qualitatively as well as quantitatively and adapted to the demand of the local labour market.

As target group, the Programme aims at graduates leaving the school system at the level of 9th or 12th grades. The TVET schools in Bokeo and Bolikhamsay will also offer short-term courses aimed at the improvement of employment skills for the self-employed and un-skilled workers following the “Integrated Vocational Education and Training” (IVET) approach as part of VELA-TC. In this regard the Programme also aims especially at providing access to vocational education to disadvantaged groups as defined by the “National Strategy and Plan of Action on Inclusive Education 2011-2015” of Lao PDR.

Further, the FC contribution targets vocational teachers at all 12 Programme schools (VTP II/V plus VELA-FC) by making available scholarships for additional short-term training courses at the VEDI in Vientiane. These courses aim at improving the teaching ability and at familiarizing teachers with the new equipment in their schools

The Programme comprises two components (for more details see Section 2.2 below) as follows:

Component I:

  • Concentrates on the modernisation and expansion of the two TVET schools in Bolikhamsay and Bokeo, including procurement of equipment and training of school management and teachers in the proper use and maintenance (O&M) of the new equipment.

Component II:

  • Improving the physical infrastructure of VEDI as the main vocational teacher training centre in Laos by rehabilitation and extension of buildings as well as procurement of improved equipment of workshops and training facilities;
  • Increasing the number of vocational teachers being trained at VEDI to improve practical skills and teaching methods through financing stipends for teachers of the 12 schools included in VTP I-IV and VELA and for VEDI guest lecturers.