Lao People's Democratic Republic

TitleVocational Training Programme (VTP III & IV) - Short-term Training Measures
Type of projectEducation and Labour Market
ClientLaotian Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES)
Origin of fundingKfW Development Bank, Frankfurt, Germany

The teachers of IVET schools do not yet have enough experience in using the new technologies supplied under VTP III and IV. The purpose of this measure is to enable teachers in the southern schools of Attapeu, Salavan and Sekong to use the FC financed equipment and integrate it ideally in their TVET classes.

With the short-term subject-matter training, all teachers shall be familiarized with the new technologies and shall be able to use the FC financed equipment for their teaching purposes and / or for income generating activities.

The teachers should be familiar with the maintenance of equipment. The short-term external training will be conducted by competent training providers in Laos e.g. more advanced colleges, training / workshops of commercially operating companies in Laos and other organizations to be identified.

Pedagogical training has already been conducted by GIZ. Furthermore, the development advisors at all three schools are supporting the school management.

The consulting services will include:

  • Overall concept including implementation schedule and cost planning.
  • Training concepts, including maintenance concepts, elaborated for each trade.
  • After the subject matter trainings a final examination on learnings of each participant will be conducted (standardized via marks).
  • Upon completion of the tasks, drafting of final report incl. list of trainings conducted, date, place, trained equipment, trade and list of participants (incl. name, school and trade and mark of final test) and a detailed cost statement.