Sri Lanka

TitleVocational Education in Sri Lanka – Establishment of formal cooperative training in
mechatronics NVQ L5
Type of projectVocational Education & Training (VET), Lifelong Learning, Adult Education
ClientDeutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Origin of fundingGerman Government through GIZ
Duration06/2021 - 04/2022


The project "Establishment of formal cooperative training in mechatronics NVQ L5" is embedded in the broader project "Vocational Training in Sri Lanka (VTSL)", which aims to increase the access to demand-based cooperative vocational training for Sri Lanka's youth from all sections jointly with both, public and private partners. The Cooperative Training (CT) course for mechatronics will be implemented at the Sri Lanka German Training Institute (SLGTI) as the public partner together with MAS Holding Pvt Ltd (MAS), one of the leading apparel manufacturing companies in South Asia as private counterpart.

In view of the growing apparel markets and to keep up with international market developments, MAS plans to introduce new production technologies that require a variety of additional mechatronic devices to ensure flexible, effective, and high-quality production in the future. For this purpose, MAS will need up to 200 new technicians in Sri Lanka in the next few years.

To meet these future labour demand, a training concept will be developed and implemented that considers theory, practice, and industrial on-the-job training in an integrated and coordinated process, focusing on practical skills required in the companies. At MAS, an in-company trainer will be selected and at the SLGTI a cooperative training coordinator. Both will coordinate the training activities at the school and company level, accompanied by capacity building, on-demand support, and consultation by the consultant during the implementation.