TitleSkills Development and Matching for Labour Market Needs
Type of projectEducation and Labour Market
Client3 Ministries (Ministry of Education, Labour and Economy)
Origin of fundingEU Delegation to Georgia
Duration10/2019 - 09/2023

The overall objective is to enhance capacity of the beneficiaries in national sector policy development, implementation and monitoring. The following results shall be achieved:

Skills Development:

  • Enhance capacity of the MoESCS to further develop and modernise skills development and LLL systems
  • Enhance capacity of the MoESCS and the institutions to provide professional orientation and career guidance for learners in general, vocational and higher education institutions
  • Enhance capacity of EMIS to support education and training policymaking and draft evidence-based analyses and policy briefs

Youth and entrepreneurship learning:

  • Effective delivery of professional orientation and career guidance for the youth outside formal education system
  • Increased variety of high quality non-formal education programmes available and accessible for the vulnerable youth who left formal schooling
  • Improved coordination and collaboration between the Youth Policy Department and youth organisations & youth workers in the design and delivery of youth activation
  • Increased public awareness and piloting of social entrepreneurship concept to facilitate youth transition and gain first job experience
  • Capacity (knowledge and expertise) developed within the Youth Policy Department staff to provide more effective youth services, especially for vulnerable youth
  • Enhanced capacity of the MoESCS and Teacher Professional Development Centre (TPDC) to design, develop and monitor entrepreneurship key competence development in general and vocational education, and lifelong entrepreneurial learning activities
  • Enhanced capacity of higher education institutions to promote entrepreneurship key competence development in teaching and learning

Skills matching:

  • Revised “employment service model” put in place in the employment offices
  • More accessible and effective ALMP measures available for all job seekers through the revision of existing measures
  • Diversified ALMP measures available for all job seekers through introduction and piloting of non-existent measures
  • Labour Market Information Management System (LMIMS) portal (managed by SSA/ESS) technically revised and upgraded to increase its information content, intranet use by the staff, inter-connectivity, and user-friendliness

Support to grant scheme implementation and policy dialogue:

  • Support and expertise services provided in Grant Scheme component proposals development, project management and monitoring
  • Support provided in policy dialogue