TitleCoSolve-19 Initiative  
Type of projectPrivate Sector Development, Business Development Services
ClientDeutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Origin of fundingGovernment of Germany through GIZ
Duration11/2021 - 12/2022

This CoSolve-19 initiative consists mainly of advisory services and coaching and is focusing on agriculture, tourism, retail and manufacturing businesses. This selection of businesses reflects the sectors which have been severely affected by the Corona-Virus crisis in Albania and is in line with the thematic priorities of the two responsible projects. The overarching goal of the CoSolve-19 initiative is to support MSMEs that are severely hit by the consequences of Corona-Virus crisis in Albania foremost to maintain employment or even increase it.

In order to achieve the objective, we are responsible for providing coaching and advisory services for up to 500 MSMEs (from the Agriculture, Tourism and Other sectors) that have successfully applied to the CoSolve-19 initiative. The tasks will focus on the recovery of the business and their adaptation to the new situation based on the needs and circumstances that each MSME is facing in its specific sector.

A Call for Proposals for MSMEs and individual farmers was launched by GIZ to apply for individual coaching and advisory support in one of the following business operation areas:  

  • Product development
  • Human resources
  • Marketing or sales mechanism  
  • Access to markets, in particular: international B2B & B2C linkages
  • Innovation and technology, production 
  • Quality management, incl. standards and certification
  • Eco- and climate friendly operations
  • Digital solutions

The businesses will be selected by GIZ based on criteria and then supported by CEFE International and PEM Consult. Based on the needs of the businesses, tailor-made training, coaching and advisory are conducted following a Resilience & Growth Strategy Path.