TitleVocational Education in Albania - Geriatric Care
Type of projectVocational Education and Training
Origin of fundingDeutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Duration07/2015 - 12/2016

The current provision of vocational training in Albania does not correspond generally to the requirements of the enterprises and does not qualify the graduates sufficiently to take advantage of employment opportunities on the national, regional and European labour market (core problem). The insufficient orientation of vocational training towards labour market needs applies to both the initial vocational education as well as lifelong learning.

The module objective is: Adolescents and adult graduates from reformed training and further education courses are able to position themselves in the national, regional and European labour market.

The project “Vocational Education in Albania” is under implementation for five years (01/2010-12/2014). The third phase of the program (2015-2016) shall consolidate, strengthen and disseminate the impact achieved so far and shall obtain an increased sustainability of the results. The plan operates on macro, meso and micro level, especially in Tirana and the region around Kamza. It supports the partners through a broadly defined Capacity Development in terms of strengthening personal, structural and conceptual capacities.

PEM CONSULT contributes to the 2nd component:

Component 2: The Multifunctional VET Centre (MFC) in Kamza supports Albania’s strategy that the MFC is put in the position to act as a regionally operating education provider for selected training courses and topics.

The focus of the project is on Health and Care as well as IT and Electronics:

  • Strengthening the Department of Care Professions of the MFZ Kamza: (1) Strengthening the practical part of the four-year initial education, (2) Enhancement and strengthening of care training at MFZ Kamza, (39 Further education of existing geriatric nurses
  • Strengthening of the IT and Electronics areas: Internships for pupils enrolled in their initial education
  • Support to the implementation of the required services for the success of Component 2: Organization and Logistics for further measures (training courses, jobs fairs, advertising and image measures)