TitleAdult Learning
Type of projectVocational Education and Training
ClientMinistry of Education / Ministry of Labour
Origin of fundingEuropean Commission - EuropeAid, Brussels, Belgium
Duration07/2007 - 03/2009

Croatia was granted official EU candidate status in June 2004. It was therefore relevant to view the further development of adult learning in the light of EU initiatives in the field of life long learning. The overall objective of the project was to implement a modern and flexible concept of adult learning for Croatia in line with the new labour market requirements, the lifelong learning approach and EU best-practice examples.

The project consisted of the following specific objectives and components:

  • Policy Development of Adult Learning: through the establishment of a data and information base, HRD of staff and capacity building for policy makers, revision of existing and design of new financing arrangements for adult learning;
  • Modernisation of the adult training system: by improving and assuring the quality of training programmes and providers as well as by improving basic skills programmes for adults;
  • Awareness raising: a comprehensive promotional campaign was carried out to raise awareness of availability and benefits of adult learning.