TitleTA to the Ministry of Education and Science to suppport Life Long Learning
Type of projectVocational Education and Training
ClientMinistry of Education and Science (MoES)
Origin of fundingEuropean Commission - EuropeAid, Brussels, Belgium
Duration03/2008 - 05/2010

The project aimed at modernizing the adult learning system as part of the Lifelong Learning System in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, also with a view to enhance employability.

Main activities were:

  • Improving the data and information base;
  • Enlarging the group of actors on adult learning;
  • Assuring the quality of adult learning provisions/Laws;
  • Assessment of adults’ skills needs;
  • Ddesign and delivery of basic skills courses, assessment & certification of skills, trainers’ skills, etc.;
  • Awareness raising on adult learning.