TitleTechnical Assistance for the Establishment of the Regional Heritage Center in Senjski Rudnik
Old Mine
Type of projectSustainable Economic Development
ClientMinistry of Culture, Information and Information Society and Municipality of Despotovac
Origin of fundingEuropean Commission - EuropeAid, Brussels, Belgium
Duration05/2012 - 12/2013

The objective of the project was to contribute to local development by exploiting cultural heritage potentials and ensuring their sustainable use in accordance with European standards in the framework of the "Ljubljana Process", through the protection and enhancement of common European heritage.

The purpose of this contract was to regenerate the historic town of Senjski Rudnik by rehabilitating an old industrial centre and a coal mine and converting them into a regional industrial heritage centre, contributing in this way to sustainable tourism and development.

Results achieved:

  • A comprehensive action plan developed for the transformation of Senjski Rudnik into Eco-museum and Regional Heritage Centre.
  • Local human capacities improved for the fulfilment of various professional tasks relevant for sustainable tourism and development of Senjski Rudnik Regional Heritage Centre.
  • Senjski Rudnik has increased its attraction as a tourist destination.