TitleStrengthening Public Relations and Communication with regard to Privatisation
Type of projectSustainable Economic Development
ClientMinistry of Participation and Investment Promotion (MPPI)
Origin of fundingEuropean Commission - EuropeAid, Brussels, Belgium
Duration05/2005 - 11/2007

The project assisted the Ministry in the design and implementation of an integrated communication plan.

The communication plan contributed to an effective communication towards the general public and internal actors of the privatisation as well as towards local and international investors:

  • General public: creation of a positive image of the privatisation in the media and the public opinion through highlighting technical dimensions of the process as being an effective contribution to the sustainable establishment of the market economy;
  • Management of the firms: ensuring dynamic communication relations between institutions, companies to be privatised and potential investors;
  • Investors: ensuring adequate communication with potential investors;
  • Institutional support: establishment of a permanent council to the Cabinet of the Minister. Elaboration of a communication strategy and plan (incl. marketing and image), as well as development of internal communication flow systems at the Ministry in order to ensure continuous information between the various teams.