TitleTraining of Consultants and Trainers for Small and Medium Sized Industries (PME ConForm)
Type of projectSustainable Economic Development
ClientMinistry of Small and Medium Industries
Origin of fundingDeutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Eschborn, Germany
Duration02/1997 - 07/2006

The project improved and extended the business development services offered by Algerian consultants and trainers for SMEs.

The project provided a comprehensive awareness raising targeted at intermediaries, multiplicators, chambers and institutions supporting private industries, as well as SMEs. Consulting and training programmes were elaborated and executed for selected local pilot consulting and management institutes (train-the-trainers). Further intermediates and multiplicators were coached and supervised in the implementation of SME-projects. A network of private consulting service providers was established and supported with the aim of establishing a future professional association.

The following activities were essential to obtain the project's aim:

  • Identification of training and support requirements for SMEs;
  • Definition and regular adaptation of training measures for consultants and trainers of SMEs;
  • Development, execution and regular adaptation of training programmes;
  • Networking of training and consultancy providers, setting up the organisational and legal structure of a future consulting association;
  • Continuous awareness raising and institution building of intermediate organisations like chambers of commerce and professional associations of SMEs.